We can answer
any concerns or problems
you may have regarding establishing
a company in Japan.
We help get your operations
up to speed and producing results.

We provide consulting services to overseas corporations considering entry in the Japanese market. According to a Cabinet Office survey, the top responses regarding the advantages and appealing points of entry into the Japanese market are the developed infrastructure, high level of market potential and extremely high technological capabilities. In particular, Japan also enjoys a high GDP, and the tendency exists to purchase good-quality items even if they cost a little more. With a population of over 100 million, attempting a business in Japan is possible no matter what the genre. Japan also has a sense of scale, and is recognized as a nation of high market potential. At the same time, the technological strengths and high level of quality in Japan are recognized throughout the world. Japan is also regarded as an important base for entry into the rest of Asia, and the numbers of companies entering the Japanese market is therefore predicted to grow. On the other hand, entry into the Japanese market is constrained by the high cost of business and the complexity of procedures. At Cross Border, we deliver comprehensive support needed to overcome these obstacles to entering the Japanese market. We not only provide support up through incorporation, but also give solid ongoing support after incorporating, until your operations are on track. From market introductions to publicity, we propose the optimal configuration for your company based on the experience and routes we have developed.

Assisting Your Entry
into the Japanese Market

Before you come to Japan, our team with its high level of experience in law, IT, and marketing begins assisting with market entry, incorporation, drafting and proxy submission of forms, visa applications for relocation, arrangements and procedures for offices (provision of business addresses required for incorporation and rental office space) and residences, website creation, and more. We are also available to discuss financing.

Interpreting and Translation Support

Language is a barrier regarded with apprehension when entering the Japanese market. For clients for whom Japanese is a concern, our project managers for interpreting and translation provide support, centering on English and Chinese. This is available not only when incorporating -- accommodation during regular business operations in the form of accompanying sales visits, responding to email messages, and the like is also possible. For other languages as well, please feel free to consult us.

A Rich Amount of Experience and Networks Related to Entering Overseas Markets

From engaging in operations to support entry into overseas markets from Japan, we also support the endeavors of overseas firms entering the Japanese market. We provide the support that includes introductions to market outlets and business partners. Our Group companies also provide needed services as specialists in digital marketing and promotion.

Before Establishing Your Business in Japan

  • Market surveys as well as competition and industry surveys needed when entering the Japanese market
  • Securing office space and sourcing shop space
  • Guidance on operational strategies and management strategies
  • Assistance in opening banking accounts
  • Introduction of business partners, etc.
  • Assistance in acquiring funding

After Establishing Your Business in Japan

  • Assistance in localizing product specifics and websites
  • Visa applications for company officers and employees
  • Assisting day-to-day sales operations, responding to emails, and other clerical tasks
  • Promotion (increasing visibility) in Japan
  • Coordinating market outlets in Japan

From Market Surveys to Actual Promotion Efforts
We have a Wide Range of Expertise to
Assist Your Business All in One Place

1. Market Surveys

We conduct market surveys necessary for developing new outlets and entering the Japanese market.

  • ●Preliminary pre-entry field surveys
  • ●Trend surveys
  • ●Surveys for specific products and goods
  • ●Industry and market surveys in specific fields

2. Legal Affairs and Registration

We accommodate tasks extending from proxy company registration to accounting and account settlement. Registration in Japan is possible while you are located overseas.

3. Interpreting and Translation

We provide interpreting and translation to and from English and Chinese according to the task.

  • ●Dispatching interpreters to trade fairs
  • ●Interpreter accompaniment during business negotiations
  • ●Catalog and website creation
  • ●Translation of contracts and agreements of all types

4. Market Development

We create a list of prospective customers appropriate to your company and advise on strategic methods in the Japanese market.

  • ●Creation of a list of prospective customers
  • ●Provision of market-strategy information


When a foreign-affiliated enterprise enters the Japanese market,
it is in one of the following modalities.

Actual flow differs according to the modality of establishment,
but here are some examples of establishment of a Japanese branch.

  1. 1. Creation of an office (center) (with or without opening an account)
  2. 2. Creation of a Japanese accounts by incorporation (with opening an account)
1. Preliminary InterviewWe confirm your requirements in a meeting conducted using Skype or other video software.
2. Proposal of
a Plan of Execution
We propose a schedule and a written quote for preparing the required information.
3. Payment of Setup ExpensesPayment of indicated expenses by electronic transfer into our corporate account or by credit card.
4. Preparation of
Required Documents
We prepare the documents and information required to set up the company.
5. Proxy Company RegistrationWe carry out the procedures for company registration at the regional Legal Affairs Bureau.
When registration is complete, we obtain a certified copy of the register.
6. Post-setup
When company registration is complete, we open a corporate banking account
and provide support in terms of both practical operations and management that drives your undertaking to success, such as email addresses and websites.
Note: Servers and websites incur separate charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long do the procedures for registration take?
A1. The procedures are started when the required documentation has been prepared. Registration is normally completed in about one month.
Q2. Can someone who is not a Japanese citizen become a representative director?
A2. It is possible. Even when all directors reside overseas, it is possible to apply for establishment and registration of a corporation in Japan.
Q3. Can we have you handle monthly accounting and settlement of accounts?
A3. We can do this for monthly figures of 50,000 yen and up. The charges for account settlement vary according to the amount of business, but this is possible starting at 100,000 yen.
Q4. Can we have you also open a corporate account?
A4. We can accommodate this. The Starter Pack also includes proxy account opening.
Q5. What is corporate income tax like in Japan?
A5. The annual minimum starts at 80,000 yen. The figure varies according to the amount of profit at the settlement of accounts.
Q6. Is it possible to seek financial support from financial institutions?
A6. Seeking is possible. We select a suitable financial institution in terms of your company's operations and carry out the procedures on your behalf.
Q8. Is legal consultation possible?
A8. It is possible to accommodate this for a monthly charge that starts at 50,000 yen.
Charges (All Prices Are Before Tax)
Starter Pack -- Lite480,000yen Starter Pack -- Standard600,000yen
  • Proxy creation of a corporate seal
  • Proxy application for corporate registration
Proxy contracting for a corporate office
Proxy opening of a corporate account
Proxy application for infrastructure-related procedures
  • Proxy creation of a corporate seal
  • Proxy application for corporate registration
  • Proxy contracting for a corporate office
  • Proxy opening of a corporate account
  • Proxy application for infrastructure-related procedures
Arrangement of an accountant: from 50,000 yen
Arrangement of an attorney: from 50,000 yen


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